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Accurate data is critical in making informed business decisions but finding and connecting quality data across modern or legacy building, single or campus real estates, where many IoT, IT & OT data sources exist, provide the more difficult challenges.

Onnec iQ accelerates and automates the process of securely connecting all your building portfolio data. As a specialist Master System Integrator, we fully support your project team to streamline the integration of various building systems, technologies, and components to ensure they work together harmoniously and efficiently.

By capturing and analysing device-level data, Onnec iQ can identify the root cause of energy waste and inefficient building operations, then automate changes to the building systems based on predetermined rules. Allowing you to drive investment decisions, cut operations costs and accelerate your path to Net Zero.

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The 3 services we offer:

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Our proven, global MSI team has a deep understanding of smart building infrastructure and has real world experience and expertise in all areas of security, data strategy, validation and management.

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Onnec iQ Platform

Developed by our in-house teams, the Onnec iQ platform connects all your building data in a unified view, so you can measure, manage, and optimise your energy consumption. Onnec iQ identifies the root cause of energy waste and inefficient building operations, then automates changes to the building systems based on pre-determined rules.

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rapid onboarding

The Onnec iQ Gateway automates the discovery of any device on the network through Rapid Onboarding, accelerating the process of capturing device-level data up to 50% faster than alternative methods*.

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